New Muppet Movie Preview!

Now we’re getting a look at the Thanksgiving release of “The Muppets” starring Amy Adams and Jason Segel. Funny thing is, at first you can’t even tell there are muppets involved!  (That’s the whole joke…) Meanwhile… Miss Piggy is looking pretty fine! I once read that they used to base her ever-changing hairstyles on how Barbra Streisand used to wear her hair at the time. It looks like Piggy’s tresses are now independent – going their own way. Here’s a sneak peek at the movie…

I won’t like – I can’t wait to see this movie. I’m obsessed with the muppets.

It has always been my dream to do a sketch with one of them! (I got a taste of it… as you can see!) Can someone please make this happen?

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