VIDEO: Rihanna And Britney Spears Team Up On Stripper Poles For Billboard Music Awards

Rihanna took to the stage at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards for one of the night’s buzzworthy performances. She sang her single “S&M” with Britney spears, Rihanna in white (but not exactly the chaste variety!) and Britney in sleek black with bunny ears. Then it was off to the stripper poles to finish off the song. (Britney comes in at about 2:45.)

Spears, who has come under some level of scrutiny lately for phoning in her choreography in recent videos, didn’t have a lot of it on her plate tonight either, but she looked great. The audience didn’t seem to mind when the duo pulled away from their stripper poles and started a pillow fight, either. That said, hasn’t the stripper pole thing been done before? Isn’t it becoming a little cliche?

The video is below… although it may get pulled down before too long!)

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