“Two and a Half Men” Maniac Calls in Bomb Threats…And No, It Wasn’t Charlie Sheen

So apparently someone else besides Charlie Sheen really doesn’t like “Two and a Half Men”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a New York City man was arrested on Friday after allegedly making bomb threats to a TV station for airing too many reruns of the sitcom.

On two separate occasions this month, May 11 and May 23, Freddy Caldwell called WPIX-11 and allegedly threatened to blow up the station’s headquarters if any more “Men” reruns aired.  Police traced the calls to Caldwell’s home in the Bronx.  Caldwell was charged with “falsely reporting an incident and aggravated harassment.”

So many questions to answer…did Caldwell just not like the show, or was he a supporter of Sheen?  Or maybe he just really doesn’t like PUNK’d.  Or maybe he didn’t feel like winning that day, and thought bomb threats would help him out…Any which way, I think him and Charlie should become the best of friends!

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