VIDEO: GoldenDoodle Joins Marathon Runners, Becomes An Accidental Cancer Fundrasier!

An adorable dog, following his instinct to join marathoners running along his yard, finished the half-marathon and has become a mascot raising thousands of dollars for cancer research!

Dozer found the urge to join marathoners irresistible. Now he’s a cancer fundraiser!

Dozer, a A 3-year-old goldendoodle ran away from his home and ended up running most of the Maryland Half Marathon last month. Now he’s a medalist and mascot raising thousands of dollars for cancer research!

It was around the five mile mark of the race on May 15th when Dozer escaped his yard, following his instinct to run with the marathoners … and so he did …  through Howard and Baltimore Counties.

He crossed the finish line at the 2 hour 14 minute mark, and eventually found his way back home.

Dozer received a medal from race officials, and his family has set up a fundraising page to benefit the University of Maryland’s Greenebaum Cancer Center. So far, Dozer’s raised more than $13,000.


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  • This has to be the best thing i’ve seen in awhile.He deserved the award.GO DOZER!!!!

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