Justin Bieber’s Attack at Signing All a “Misunderstanding”

What seemed like a crazy incident involving an old man with the hots for Justin Bieber is now turning out to be just a huge misunderstanding.

As you may have heard, Justin Bieber was at the Macy’s in Herald Square, yesterday, for a promotional event, when he went outside to greet fans.  That’s where, apparently, a 47-year-old man jumped the guard rail and attacked Bieber.

Well now, it’s being reported that that man was an undercover cop, who felt that things were getting too rowdy for the Biebs, and wanted to bring him inside.

Bieber’s security team grabbed him, even after he identified himself, and when they got back inside, all was well.

Bieber’s publicist, Melissa Victor, said in an email:

“This was a momentary, well-intentioned misunderstanding that was quickly resolved, and the event went very well,” The 17-year-old Canadian singer was not injured in the scuffle.

Inside Bieber seemed unfazed. He gave interviews to the press, posed for photographs and with fans.

Oh, Bieber Fever…

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