Tiny Fan Rushes Miley Cyrus on Stage at Concert

Yesterday, it was a Bieber misunderstanding.  Today, it’s a Miley Cyrus incident.  There’s just something about these overzealous pint-sized fans!

New video is making its way around the web of a young fan jumping up on stage at Cyrus’ concert on Friday and running toward the singer, before being tackled by security.

As Cyrus was performing, ‘The Climb,’ the young fan jumped on stage behind her and ran down the runway before throwing her arm around her.  Cyrus’ security guard quickly tried to throw the fan back into the crowd before rushing Cyrus off the stage.

You could hear the shock as Cyrus repeated twice into her microphone, “Oh my god,”

I feel bad for the girl…obviously, she was just a huge fan, but seriously, what was she thinking?!  And what was she?  12?! It’s not like she was even old enough to blame it on alcohol or drugs!

Check out the video below, and remember to show this to your kids, with the message “This could happen to you, too…”

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