ANGRY BIRDS Movie in the Works. For Real, This Time

Yes, I know there are thousands of people obsessed with “Angry Birds”.  I can’t walk three blocks without seeing someone transfixed on their phone, catapulting little birdies towards pigs in hopes of grabbing Golden Eggs.  And with all that, where else could we go next with the phenomenon than to the big screen?

Rovio, the game developer behind the “Angry Birds” app, is in development on a series of animated shorts that would lead into a full-length theatrical animated film. Recently Rovio hired David Maisel, the man who negotiated some of Marvel Studios’ early contracts, and his first priority is to turn Rovio into a Pixar-ish type animation studio.

The ANGRY BIRDS film is already out to writers and directors for work.  No studio is attached to distribute the film.

And if you really need more “Angry Birds” in your life, Nintendo DS will have their own version soon, and a cookbook (Whaa??) will be coming in the next few months.  Just please, I beg, watch the traffic…

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  • From a very simple (though well designed) mobile gaming app to a movie. This is quite a hardvard business case. I mean, if Rovio can keep Angry Birds popularity for a couple of years more, it will end up becoming a classic, don’t want to compare it to Pac-Man and Tetris, but what the heck, it’s a record game, downloaded millions of times, available for all systems, merchandise, and now the movie, which is backed up by some well-known people in the film industry. Kudos to the people at Rovio for the multiple achievements.

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