Lindsay Lohan Swarmed by Paparazzi on Her First Night Out

As of two days ago, Lindsay Lohan is a free woman.

And the paparazzi knows it…

After being cooped up for more than a month and just days before her 25th Birthday, Lohan did what any twenty-something would do: go out with her friends.

According to TMZ, Lohan went out with, among others, actor Emile Hirsch and ‘Nikita’ star Lyndsy Fonseca for a frend’s going away party  Her assistant reportedly brought her sodas while she chain-smoked all night.  No story yet, right?

The real story is in the exit:

When Lindsay was leaving from the VIP exit to her black SUV, paparazzi swarmed, waiting to get that “money shot” of actress on her first night out.  And when she stumbled, hundreds of camera flashes were there to catch it.  Someone even yelled out, “She’s drunk!”

This morning came the headlines like “Lindsay Lohan Collapses Outside Hollywood Club!” and “Lindsay Parties After House Arrest”.

Lohan took to twitter to respond to the stories, tweeting:

“Of course me going to my best friends going away dinner is a headline- especially on my first day out of my house in 35 days. That does not give anyone the right to have a field day and manifest stories. IT WAS A GOING AWAY DINNER, THAT WAS IT. Nothing exciting happened aside from the very yummy hummus and pita. If anyone caused me to nearly fall it was the pyschotic paparazzi.” 

So less than 24 hours after being free, and with no hint of her breaking rules just yet, shouldn’t she be given just a teeny bit of space?

Apparently not when there’s a “money shot” involved…

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  • I’m sick,sick, sick of this train wreck.She’ll be back in trouble soon enough. Her and her dad should just go away.

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