Lindsay Lohan Is Going To Jail For 30 Days (Likely 6 In The End), Then Must Follow Strict Probationary Rules, Or Be Imprisoned for 270 More.

A judge sentenced Lindsay Lohan to 300 days of jail with strong terms that could reduce it to 30 days. (And that will likely end up being 6 days) Her probation officer has asked to be taken off Lohan's case. The judge also noted that a homeless shelter refused to accept her for community service because she would be a bad example for their residents, and say the LA morgue had issues with Lohan's tweeting.

A cleaned up Lindsay Lohan faced a judge today. But despite efforts to show she’s cleaned up her act, the judge sentenced her to 30 days in jail for violating the rules of her probation. She then set forth a calendar of mandatory community service and counseling sessions that, if not followed, could result in up to 270 days more jail time.

Team Lohan admitted that she violated her probation terms, so the jail sentence was fairly inevitable. They were hoping to get the least amount of jailtime possible. Given that stays are shorter than sentenced time due to overcrowding, 6 days isn’t too shabby.

A visibly nervous Lindsay Lohan listened as the prosecution stated their case that she neglected the duties required by the court.

The prosecution argued that of 19 scheduled counseling sessions, she canceled 14 of them, Three of the five days she did attend, she cut short the session because of ‘other obligations.’ Of 20 scheduled sessions to serve at the Women’s center, she canceled 12 of those. Three of the days she appeared at the women’s center, she stayed for less than the require four hour increments.

The judge put forth a sentence that she described as “putting the keys to the jail in the defendant’s hands.” saying Lohan was free not to accept it.

This case was put forth by L.A.’s City attorney. She still has other court issues to deal with outside of this.

The judge noted that Lohan’s current probation officer has asked not to be her probation officer anymore. Regarding her new probation officer, Miss Manfield, the judge said “Good luck to you with Miss Mansfield,”  saying she’s ‘no nonsense.’ The  judge also noted that in seeking other venues for Lohan to serve community service, a shelter for homeless women has refused to take her because she set a bad example to their women. Since the morgue was willing to keep her, that will be the setting for upcoming service obligations.

All tolled, the judge sentenced her to 300 days in the county jail for various cases. That time will be be doled out in installments… she will serve 30 days now, surrendering within one week, (November 9th). She has the ability have the jail time go away permanently if after these thirty days she follows a strict set of court demands.

After the 30 day term, she will be required to perform 12 days of community service at the morgue, obeying all of their terms and conditions. and attend four  45 minute psychotherapy sessions. All by December 14th.

The judge put forth a calendar that would allow her to do service with in blocks of time. After this first requirement, by January 17th she would be required to perform another 12 days service and attend another 4 counseling sessions. Then, by late February, another 12 days service and 4 counseling sessions. And by March 29th, 17 more days at the morgue, and 6 psychotherapy sessions. She could do all these early, she could get all this out of the way even faster. As long as all these requirements are fulfilled, the jail time will be permanently stayed, the Bev Hills probation will terminate.

The judge said the morgue had an issue with her tweeting, and the judge suggested (though she could not enforce ) that Lohan stop tweeting about them. (And in turn suggested that the morgue not hold press conferences about her.)

Lohan was instructed not to leave the country or any circumstances, and not to leave the state without probation approval. She could visit family out of state for the holidays.

The judge ended with a strong warning: “If there is any violation…I will revoke probation and put a warrant out for your arrest. I don’t want to have to tdo that. From what I can see of you you need a structure. And this is a structure.

Problems with Lohan’s commitment to her community service have been at the forefront. Recently a woman’s shelter turned Lohan away after her appearances were sporadic or brief at best.

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