New AMERICAN REUNION Trailer Shows What the Entire Gang is Up To

While the teaser may have been one long masturbation joke, this new trailer for AMERICAN REUNION gives us a real glimpse into what literally everyone has been up to since our first slice of Pie!

Jim and Michelle’s marriage is on the rocks, Stifler is sexually harassing women at work, Kevin is Jim’s “favorite housewife”, Finch is apparently rocking a motorcycle, Oz is apparently doing VERY well in the relationship department, and Vicky is basically Tara Reid.

Oh yeah…and Nadia, the MILF guys, Jim’s Dad and Stifler’s Mom, the Shermanator, and all the rest are all back, trying to deal with their own reunion, as well as what High School is like today (damn you, TWILIGHT…)

Check out the trailer below, and if you’re like me, look forward to the nostalgia.

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