Lindsay Lohan’s Sense Of Entitlement Tour Continues.

Oh, where do we begin....Lindsay's Lohan has had yet another relapse of ignoring responsibility. A series of issues regarding her probation guidelines could cause some problems at a progress hearing on October 19th.

First, according to TMZ, Lohan is coming under fire for violating the terms of her probation by failing to undertake weekly visits to a psychologist. The likely excuse from the Lohan camp? Lohan has been ‘working abroad’ so has struggled to attend regular sessions. (An excuse that most non-film actresses probably wouldn’t be able to get away with.) Mind you, the only ‘working abroad’ I recall reading about is when she modeled for a fashion line. Can’t see how that would have intruded on too many counseling sessions.

Okay then, next, Lohan got booted from volunteering her time with the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles, because she only completed a small part of her community service obligations. (Again, according to TMZ.)

The website reports that even though Lohan was supposed to serve at least four hours at a time, she would ignore scheduled visits, and when she DID visit, she’d do an in-and-out thing, working for only an hour. She’s since been reassigned to the Red Cross.

If the judge decides Lohan isn’t making the proper effort to serve her time, she could be sent back to jail.

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