David Letterman “Apologizes” To Lindsay Lohan, Dad Michael Started The Whole Mess.

David Letterman is “apologizing” (the quotes will makes sense when you watch the clip) for a misunderstanding with a booking on the Late Show with David Letterman.
We now know this: after Letterman made a joke about Lindsay Lohan stealing a Grammy, apparently Michael, Lindsay’s dad, setup a satellite appearance so that Lindsay could get in the joke by delivering the Top Ten List.
Then, according to TMZ, Lindsay tweeted that she never agreed to do the show, and claimed she knew nothing about it.  Dad Michael told TMZ that yes, in fact it was HE who arranged the booking and that Lindsay knew full well it was happening, but Lindsay’s reps iced the idea. (Of course, Dad is mad that it got killed and feels like he doesn’t get the respect he so richly deserves… my words, not his, but essentially that’s what he implied.) Not one to let this delicious drama pass him and his show by, Letterman issued a tongue in cheek apology to the Lohan family… where you’ll hear his side of the story…


And the world keeps on turning….

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