Charlie Sheen’s Crazy Night. Again.

Early Thursday morning, “Two And A Half Men” star Charlie Sheen was rushed to an LA hospital. 

TMZ is reports that 9-1-1 was called at 6:35 am after Sheen was suffering from abdominal pain. Shortly after, an ambulance arrived., Sheen was taken away on a stretcher with a towel over his face, and two young women, (reported as porn stars) also left the home.

Sources tell the site that neighbors heard a loud party going on inside the home the night before, which included, according to TMA, “a briefcase full of cocaine” delivered to his house.

His rep says the hospital visit was not related to an overdose, but instead a hiatal hernia, a painful condition that causes acid and food to go back into the esophagus.

Two and A Half Men is currently on a previously scheduled hiatus for the week.

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