Oprah’s Half-Sister Turned Down Bowls of Cash

-by Mike Finkelstein

A lot has happened over the past week for the woman known as Patricia.  She was introduced to millions around the country and world as Oprah’s half-sister, and many have debated her intentions.  But there is one aspect that says a lot about her: money.

Patricia knew she was Oprah’s sister since 2007, and yet, she chose not to sell her information for a profit.  She instead told Oprah personally, and they revealed it to the world together, a fact that PopEater says Oprah’s best friend, Gayle had a lot of respect for:

“This is extraordinary that somebody would have this information about Oprah, who as you know has been sold out on many occasions by friends, by co-workers, in some cases family…Patricia wasn’t trying to get Oprah, she was trying to find her mother … having Oprah as a sister, a half-sister, was a bonus.”

If she could pass Gayle’s test, they maybe that’s good enough for the rest of the world…

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