Michael Lohan Says Love Child Was Fathered When He And Dina Were Separated

Well this makes this whole situation better…

Well this makes this whole situation better…

Michael Lohan is now claiming that the love child he fathered back in 1995 was not the result of an extramarital affair because he and ex-wife Dina were already separated during that time.   Michael told TMZ:

“Dina and I were separated and living separately at the time for 8 months.”

Michael also claimed that there is no way Lindsay couldn’t have known about her half-sister, because Dina has been telling her all about the girl for years:

“Dina has been telling our children that Ashley is my daughter for years, without even knowing the results. So how could this be news to our children?”

So basically, Mr. Lohan, you just admitted that you and your family knew of this girl for at least a decade, and yet you still decided never to meet her or take a DNA test, even though everyone else said she was yours?

I repeat: Best. Daddy. Ever.

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