VIDEO: Danny DeVito Wants a TWINS 2…If Arnold Can Get Out of the Doghouse

I think Danny DeVito has gotten to the point in his career where he could act however he wants and people just laugh.  Case in point: The above picture, and this new interview at Comic-Con with MovieWeb.

It’s only a minute long, but when DeVito gets to the camera, he jokes that the light is so bright, he could see his life and his future before him.

The very best part, however, is how suddenly, he transforms from…whatever you want to call those first 30 seconds…to complete seriousness about getting a TWINS 2 going.  First, he jokes:

“Yes, there’s a TWINS 2 in there if we can get Arnold out of the doghouse. Can’t get him out of the doghouse…he is the doghouse…oh my god…”

And then, the seriousness:

“I would love to do a TWINS 2…The idea is that you’ve got to find the right script. You can’t just go out and be a couple of meathooks in front of the camera. You’ve gotta find the story. Ya know, Ivan’s [Reitman] off doing who the hell knows what and I’ll work with Arnold. Somebody get us a script.”

Well, I guess the only issue now would be to actually get a script out.  I don’t know how huge a TWINS 2 would be, but why not?  If we could expect DeVito to act like that, then I’m all for it!

Check out the crazy interview below (caution: Language).

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