Sean Kingston Says He Had Open Heart Surgery Twice After Jet-Ski Crash in New Interview

Sean Kingston is doing much better after his Jet Ski crash a few weeks ago, but that didn’t come without some struggle, including two Open Heart Surgeries.

E!Online is reporting that in a new MTV First special and his first interview since the accident, Kingston says that he was about to be discharged from the hospital with he felt a “shocking pain” in his chest that he ranked a “9” on the pain scale. He underwent a series of tests, and then they rushed him into the operating room for emergency surgery to repair a torn aorta.

“Then again…they had to go back in for other things.”

Kingston was in the hospital for 23 days after initially suffering a shattered wrist, broken ribs and water inhalation.  Now, he says he feels “100 percent,” and is ready to head to Los Angeles to work on his third album and perform.

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