CAUGHT ON TAPE: Lamborghini Driver Shows Off His Way Into An Accident

I don't know about you, but I'm REALLLLLLLY impressed when someone with a fast car REVS it and REVS it at a stop light! This guy was doing just that, prompting the people behind him to videotape what they expected to high speed peel out of the intersection. What they DIDN'T expect was to catch his stupid driving steering him right into an accident.

SHOCKING VIDEO: Woman Drives Car Into Grocery Store

I know, you're thinking, "Again!?" (sure, this has happened before.) ...But this one is disturbing. This time the driver, a 76 year old woman, drove her Toyota Camry into a Florida Publix grocery store. Surveillance videoshows a LARGE group of people at the store’s entrance being slammed by the car… then they’re simply GONE, disappeared in the aftermath of the crash.

Stage Collapse At Indiana State Fair Kills 5, Number Could Rise.

An immense crowd had gathered to attend an outdoor performance by Sugarland at the Indiana State Fair Saturday when severe weather rolled into the area, bringing the elaborate stage roof and lighting structure down onto the people below. Some had begun to run from the scene just before the accident - narrowly escaping injury or even death. VIDEO: