VIDEO: This News Conference Gets REALLY Awkward

How awkward is this news conference? Let me count the ways. Yes, the bus that crashes behind them and the driver that comes out ticked off is among them.

How awkward is this news conference? Let me count the ways.

Here’s the backstory: Gaming authorities in Cincinnati were already caught in some scandal after a maor collapse at a new casino’s construction site. The news conference was meant to calm people down a bit, talk about OSHA (Occupational Safety, etc) and get things under control. OSHA. Yes, occupational safety. Cue awkward  moment #1 – a BUS drives/crashes/anitclimactically bumps into the press conference that addresses a commitment to safety.

Awkward moment #2 – after the bus crashes, one would presume that the driver MIGHT be having some sort of problem. (Did they pass out? Have a heart attack while driving? Seizure? SOMETHING.) Basically everyone just stands around first, wondering if they should go on with the press conference. But again, we’re all about safety here.

Finally someone does go back to address the bus that just intruded upon the scene, and the guy leading the newser decides to process with his important statement, when suddenly, awkward moment #3 happens: the bus driver gets out, and proceeds to tear the people in the crowd a new @#$@#$! for getting in her way. Sheepish glances ensue around the area, and suddenly I like that bus driver a whole lot, even if perhaps it was her fault.

And finally, not so much an awkward moment but more of an observation: further viewing shows journalists in Cincinnati pretty much look like they all just rolled out of bed and would much rather be watching video games or flipping through a Lillian Vernon catalog, or anything that doesn’t require any sort of business attire.

I’m not sure who was inconvenienced more here, but I’m sure the passengers on that bus are hoping for some free nickel slot credits for their trouble. 

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