VIDEO: Your FULL Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Spot!

Broderick. Broderick.

Broderick.  Broderick.

A few days ago, fans of FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF started salivating when a random little hint of a new clip was posted online.  (“How can I work on a day like today?”)

Well this morning, we have the full return of Mr. Bueller right here for you!  Well…sort of…

Honda’s new Superbowl spot was just released online, and it features Matthew Broderick paying homage to all of his best moments as our favorite high school slacker.  Yes, it may not be Bueller, per se, but it’s close enough!  I won’t speak anymore, because hey, why give it away when we could just show it to you?

The panda is my favorite part…

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