TBS Cancels Lopez Tonight, And It May Just Be Conan’s Fault!

After only two seasons on the air, George Lopez’s TBS late night show has been cancelled. But the bigger story is what does Conan O’Brien have to do with it?

According to TMZ, it turns out that Conan unintentionally did to Lopez exactly what Jay Leno did to him on the Tonight Show!

When Leno came back to NBC, his 10 PM show tanked and killed Conan’s ratings, thus helping end Conan’s Tonight Show a lot quicker.  When Lopez had the 11 PM time slot for its first season, all was great, but when Conan came to TBS a year ago, moving Lopez to midnight, George’s audience plummeted 40%.

TBS has announced that the last show will air tomorrow night.

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  • George Lopez was’nt funny. I think that’s what killed his show. Not more then that he said none of the other late night host liked Leno.I personally think Jay Leno is the king of late night t.v. now. And yeah is’nt it strange that it does seem Conan did the same to Lopez as he claimed Leno did to him????Leno is funny and compassionate.YOU ROCK LENO!!!!!!!!!

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