Kelsey Grammer Invites Camille To Wedding…Everyone Else Goes, “Huh?”

It seems that despite all the bad blood between the two, Kelsey Grammer wants so badly for his children to attend his upcoming wedding, he’s willing to invite Camille as well.

According to PopEater, Camille has come to terms with Kelsey’s decision to remarry and knows full well that her two young kids, daughters Mason, 8, and Jude, 6, will have a new mother figure in their lives. A friend tells the site:

“Camille is an amazing human being…For her, it’s all about her children. She’s willing to put her personal hurt aside to be a great mom.”

In an interview with the site, Camille stressed how important it is for she and Kelsey to remain friends for their children’s sake:

“Because, you know, we have to co-parent and that’s the correct way to do it.”

The 55-year-old actor filed for divorce after 13 years of marriage, after falling in love with the 29-year-old Kayte this summer.  Camille and Kelsey’s divorce is still pending.

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