Is Michaele Salahi Really Missing? Nope.

Not by a longshot. But what she WAS doing is more shocking than the 'abduction' theory.

White House Crasher Michaele Salahi was missing, according to her husband. If this was a stunt, it’s ridiculously foolish and loathesome. Given the general public’s reaction, (a yawn and collective rolling of the eyes,) it’s a commentary on what showboating for attention can get you in a time of crisis. Either way, no one wins. Turns out, Michaele was off doing what she does best…whatever she wants!

Her husband Tareq spoke to TMZ, saying: “he last saw Michaele at their home around 11 AM ET yesterday … right before he left to go to their winery. Tareq says Michaele told him she was going to get her hair done — but she never went to the appointment … and she’s been missing ever since.”

Tareq has issued a statement saying: “It is our belief as of last night, that Michaele Salahi may have been kidnapped or abducted and being held under duress and forced to tell persons, including authorities she is okay.”

THE TRUTH? She had apparently run away from home — with Journey guitarist Neal Schon. (um, okay…) The two have reportedly been dating, unbeknownst perhaps to Tareq, and she travelled with him to Memphis for the next stop on his tour.

The Salahis have become somewhat of a punchline. Their famous ‘crashing’ of the White House was just the beginning. Then came a disastrous appearance on ‘the View’ and Michaele’s attempts to go on “Celebrity Rehab’ only to be ousted for not being addicted to anything.

Whether or not Tareq knew, or if instead they simply think of manipulating police and the media as a hobby, its not surprising that this is a modern day case of the boy who cried wolf. They’ve given us every reason to believe that any behavior from them is a cry out for media attention… this story is certainly to be continued…

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