Watch Amy Winehouse’s Final Music Video…Stripped and Simple

No matter what you want to say about Amy Winehouse and her drug addictions, you can’t argue with the fact that the woman had an unbelievable talent.  Take away all the lights and the cameras and the glamor, and her voice would still light something up inside of you.  And in her final video, we get a glimpse of that.

Winehouse and Tony Bennett’s duet video of “Body and Soul” has no fancy set pieces, no crazy special effects, and no glitter.  It’s just Winehouse and Bennett singing in a studio together, in their element, having fun and giving us a beautiful piece of music.

The stripped-down video was released yesterday morning on what would have been the Grammy winner’s 28th birthday, and was recorded in London’s Abbey Road Studios this March

Watch the video below, and realize what could have been…

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