Charlie Sheen’s brief ‘make nice’ campaign is over. The ousted “Two and a Half Men” leading man is expressing his disappointment in what the show has become since he left.

TMZ Reports that when Sheen was asked about the ratings slide that the show has taken since the season premiere.  His answer? “People aren’t stupid, you know? Not all of them.”

Sheen had little positive to say about the new take on the series, and while he was reluctant to outwardly blame new headliner Ashton Kutcher, he did get a little dig in:

“He’s doing the best he can … I don’t think the role is cursed, but I’m extremely disappointed with how they’re handling what I left behind.”

At the Emmy awards recently, Sheen offered a public well-wishing of sorts to the show, perhaps not coincidentally when he was finalizing his exit deal from the show, which weeks later was revealed to be about 25 million dollars.