Breaking Dawn Wows At The Box Office!

Holy geez, this movie made money.

Holy geez, this movie made money. “The Twilight Saga” opened with a $139.5 million first weekend domestically and $283.5 million worldwide.

Despite the monster numbers, this is the second-best debut weekend for the franchise – “New Moon” actually brought in 142.8. But no one is complianing.

And then, there’s the movie “Happy Feet 2” which made about as much noise an actual penguin. Despite what may seem like a respectable $22 million box office take, it was clearly squelched by buzz over the Twilight film, and the number is barely half what the first movie made in 2006. Still, with the holiday movie season upon us, it may have staying power and appeal to the younger audience that has school off for a couple days this week.



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