Have you seen the recent video captured by a Fedex customer? He watched, with his security camera’s video rolling – as the Fedex guy threw his package right over a fence. (In the box? A computer monitor – which, obviously, was broken when he opened it…. and by the way, the guy was HOME at the time, which the delivery guy would have known if he had just rung the bell.)

Once upon a time, a delivery person could get away with that. Nowadays though, we have viral justice. He uploaded the video and it went crazy online, (more than 2 million views!) getting forwarded, clicked, visited, shared, blah blah, and suddenly Fedex has a PR nightmare on their hands: one bad egg spoiling the reputation of thousands of employees who wouldn’t think of doing something like that. I’m hoping that’s the case… I mean, that IS the case, right?!? This is an isolated, incident, right?!?

Don’t know the story? Don’t worry – CNN’s resident awesome genius reporter Jeanne Moos explains it all in her brilliantly funny way! And reminds us that maybe we should use a little extra packing material.