Caught On Tape

WATCH: Random Audience Member And Kristin Chenowith Make Beautiful Music Together

A beautiful moment of music that's worth watching... The video may not look beautiful, but the performance sure is. At Kristin Chenowith's concert at the Hollywood Bowl, a random audience member was invited to join her for a performance of "For Good" from Wicked. They hit the jackpot. She was a vocal teacher, and the duet was breathtaking.

COOL VIDEO: Dolphin Stampede Caught On Tape

A group of whale watchers off the coast of Dana Point, California hit the jackpot when a stampede of nearly one thousand dolphins barreled through. I'm guessing Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari will be using shots of this in their next brochure.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Photographer’s Up Close, Scary Encounter With Polar Bear

Even though Photographer Gordon Buchanan is in a protective box, it's no less scary when a massive polar bear smells his scent and shakes, growls and bares his teeth at his potential meal. Suddenly this protective barrier doesn't feel so protective. The bear went on trying to get at Buchanan for 45 minutes. Watch the video here.