JUSTICE, CAUGHT ON TAPE: Giddy, Disrespectful Woman Gets 30 Days In Jail For Flipping Bird And Swearing At Judge.

I won't lie - it feels kind of nice to see a rude, disrespectful person get a smackdown.

Courtroom JusticeI won’t lie – it feels kind of nice to see a rude, disrespectful person get a smackdown. Penelope Soto was giddy and full of herself when facing a judge for possession of Xanax. When she eventually gave the judge the middle finger and threw the “F” word at him, she learned a fast lesson about behaving yourself.

She initially treated the hearing like a joke, bragging about how much jewelry she owned and laughing at the judge’s accent. But soon Judge Rodriguez-Chomat grew impatient. He set her bond at five thousand. Then when she laughed and tried to leave, he raised it to ten thousand.

Here comes her most stupid move yet. She then walked away, gave the judge the finger, and said “F you.”

Then, the gloves were off. The judge called her back again, held her in contempt of court, and sentenced her to 30 days in jail. The only thing missing from this surreal video is the reaction she must have had to that. Priceless.

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