Now YOU Can Vacation With Kate Gosselin! Um, Okay.

Your nightmare about being trapped on a cruise ship with - I mean DREAM about vacationing with Kate Gosselin just came true!

Your nightmare about being trapped on a cruise ship with dream of vacationing with Kate Gosselin just came true!

While this may seem like choosing the dud prize on “Let’s Make A Deal,” it is in fact a new cruise being offered by Royal Caribbean and Luxury Cruises & Tours. The package is a six-day, seven-night cruise through the Western Caribbean with Gosselin on the huge ship “Allure of the Seas” — with prices ranging from $1,900 to $5,500. Wait, they’re not paying US?

Again, this is not a ‘spot the fake post’ contest. According to reports, it features a cocktail party with Kate Gosselin, a private barbecue with Kate Gosselin, family games with Kate Gosselin, a craft session with Kate Gosselin and a book signing with Kate Gosselin, where I’m assuming she will sign books with the name Kate Gosselin. I’m also assuming they would prefer that you ask her to sign HER book, written by Kate Gosselin’s ghost writer.

Not listed on the cruise package: whine and complain about anything relating to Kate Gosselin. But trust me, that will eventually end up on the agenda.

The cruise line began accepting reservations Friday, and they say that after the Goss tweeted about it, the reservations started absolutely trickling pouring in!

In related news, rather than a cruise, her ex husband Jon Gosselin is offering the opportunity to go for a drive to the grocery store with him at substantially lower rates. (Okay, that’s not true, but maybe it should be!)

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