VIDEO: Zac Efron Drops a CONDOM on THE LORAX Red Carpet!

Can you get any more awkward than this?!

Can you get any more awkward than this?!

Zac Efron was on the red carpet for THE LORAX premiere earlier this week, when suddenly, what appeared to be a condom fell out of his pocket.

The 24-year-old quickly bent down and grabbed the supposed prophylactic, but not without laughing at the situation and mouthing what seemed to be “Oh my God” to his publicist.

So yeah…on one hand, Efron is a 24-year-old grown male who has been linked to many female stars.  On the other hand….it was the friggen LORAX premiere!  It’s a Dr. Seuss book!!!

So to answer my opening question…no, no you can’t get any more awkward than that.

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