New Beatles Concert Movie To Hit Theaters In Limited Engagement

Beatles fans, get ready...this may be the closest you'll ever get to seeing the greatest band in rock and roll in concert.

Beatles fans, get ready…this may be the closest you’ll ever get to seeing the greatest band in rock and roll in concert.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that a new documentary film featuring the Beatles’ first full concert in the United States at the Washington Coliseum will be screened in movie theaters next month.

THE BEATLES: THE LOST CONCERT will be shown in a limited engagement at theaters across the United States on May 17 and 22 only.  It will premiere at New York’s famous Ziegfeld Theater on May 6.

MSNBC is reporting that the documentary will focus on the early rise of Beatlemania in the United States, and feature new interviews with concert attendees, journalists, historians, assorted Beatles associates and stars, including Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Chuck Berry, and Mark Ronson.

You can’t buy me love, but you can damn well buy me happiness with a movie ticket to see this…

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