Is Robert Pattinson Joining THE HUNGER GAMES?!

Will Robert Pattinson have yet another franchise under his belt?

Will Robert Pattinson have yet another franchise under his belt?

According to WorstPreviews, Lionsgate, which is now in the middle of developing the sequel to THE HUNGER GAMES, CATCHING FIRE, is interested in casting Pattinson as Finnick Odair, who the winner of the 65th annual Hunger Games for District 4 at the ripe old age of 14. In the sequel, Odair is in his mid-twenties and is forced to join the Third Quarter Quell, a Hunger Games competition consisting of former winners.

Pattinson does have a relationship with Lionsgate through the TWILIGHT series, as well as with CATCHING FIRE director Francis Lawrence through WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, but something tells me he won’t be that eager to just jump into another franchise. Over the past few years, he’s been trying to distance himself from the TWILIGHT saga with movies like REMEMBER ME, the aforementioned WATER FOR ELEPHANTS and COSMOPOLIS.

On the other hand, THE HUNGER GAMES ain’t no TWILIGHT…

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