SNEAK PEEK VIDEO: Katharine McPhee Sings Gospel On SMASH

Not only is Katharine McPhee living a showbiz dream, she's hitting it out of the park with some fantastic performances.

American Idol alum Katharine McPhee is living a fantasy right now, and we’re all fortunate to be along for the ride. McPhee, who had been doing her best to break out in films and tv since landing the runner up slot on AI in 2006, now has the role of a lifetime on Smash. Every week, she displays a remarkable range of vocal talent and stunning beauty as producers place her into a wide array of vocal and theatrical scenarios that could only be considered an actress’ dream – From Bollywood dream sequences, to Marilyn Monroe fantasies, to pop covers. She’s taking the role of a lifetime and hitting it out of the park.

In the upcoming episode of the series, McPhee takes a crack at gospel. Check out this sneak peek.

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  • she is one beautiful girl who can sing!! a triple threat– sings, acts, & dances!

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