The boy band that made Drew Lachey famous is getting back together for a reunion concert. Nick Lachey tells Ryan Seacrest that the group will perform together at the MixTape Festival in Hershey, Pennsylvania in August.

“I think we’ve all been lucky in the 11 years since we last performed together to go on and do stuff individually.  Drew [Lachey] was the winner of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ season 2, and I’ve gone and done some solo stuff. But there really is nothing like coming together as a unit, as a group, as a band, on the stage, and I think we all miss that. We all miss the rush of being onstage together, performing together, and certainly the fans have kind of been clamoring for it, so it just felt right … We always said we were not broken up, we were just taking a break, and now it just seemed like the right time to put everything back together.”

As for now, it’s planned to be their “one and only appearance.” (Let’s see how the response goes.) They might take a cue from the New Kids On The Block, who have had a great deal of success with their reunion tour. In fact, the New Kids on the Block will also be at the festival, performing collectively with the Backstreet Boys as  NKOTBSB.

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