Christina Applegate is Returning For ANCHORMAN 2!

The entire news team is coming back for more!

The entire news team is coming back for more!

While we knew that all the male cast members of ANCHORMAN have signed on for the sequel, nothing was ever mentioned about the fate of Christina Applegate (who played Ron Burgandy’s love interest/rival Veronica Corningstone).  Now comes word that the Applegate is confirmed to reprise her role as well!

There is no word on how large Applegate’s role will be in the sequel, but rumors have spread that Ron and Veronica are divorced and involved in a custody battle.  However, with the crazy amounts of improv and playing that this group is capable of (remember…there is an entirely separate Anchorman movie out there put together completely from alternate takes and deleted scenes…), I feel like we could be taking this story anywhere.

ANCHORMAN 2 is set to hit theaters next year.

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