Couple Alert: Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris Are Back Together?!

Sometimes you just can’t keep a bunny away from the farm…

Sometimes you just can’t keep a bunny away from the farm…

According to Access Hollywood, Crystal Harris, the former fiancé of Playboy king Hugh Hefner, is back with her man.  The 26-year-old tweeted on Friday:

“Yes @hughhefner and I are back together…Yes I am his #1 girl again. Yes we are happy. Hope that clears up any confusion! Xo”

Well that was to the point…

Hef also confirmed the happy news on Twitter, saying

“Getting back together with Crystal Harris shouldn’t be a big surprise, since I have a history of remaining close to former girlfriends.”

So how did this happen?  The 86-year-old man’s man confirmed that it was his longtime assistant, Mary O’Conner, who brought Crystal back.  Crystal was miserable without him, and O’Conner suggested that she write and tell Hef, which she did.

Hefner and Harris announced their engagement back in December 2010, but split in June 2011, just days before the wedding.

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