BOX OFFICE REPORT- Weekend of June 29th-The Raunchy Teddy Bear Breaks A Record.

Seth Macfarlane's raunchy teddy bear comedy comes in first and in the process broke a record.

Before Ted came out, Seth Macfarlane was a widely successful show runner, writer, and voice actor all for Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show. Now he is also a successful Writer, and Director. Macfarlane’s first venture to the silver screen has paid major dividends and broken records in its first weekend. Ted made $54 million dollars over the weekend breaking the record held by The Hangover which had made $45 million in its first weekend.

Releasing with Ted was Channing Tatum’s male stripper drama Magic Mike which came in seconded with $39.2 million, the film was made for $7 million which makes it very successful to say the least.

Coming in fourth is the 13th film from Tyler Perry Madea’s Witness Protection which made 26.4 million dollars on a 20 million dollar budget. It is the fourth best opening for a Tyler Perry film.

The other weekend release was the Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks drama People Like Us, which opened in tenth place making $4.3 million on a $16 million dollar budget.

In other record breaking box office news, Men In Black 3 Surpassed Men In Black as the most successful installment in the triology taking in $599.4 million dollars while the last Men In Black made $441.8 million dollars and the originally made $589.4 million.

UPDATE-While all this was happening The Amazing Spider-Man hit theaters on June 3rd breaking the Tuesday box office record held by Transformers($27.3 Million). Spidey Made $35 million on Tuesday along with the$ 50 million it had already made overseas before its US release. The full number will be out on Sunday but i expect Marvels Web Slinger to make over $150 million in its first full week.

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