Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures Shock Comic Con with Godzilla.

Legendary Pictures revealed one of their next big projects and its HUGE.

There was quite a lot revealed today at Comic Con, including Marvels next 3 films. Yet the most shocking moment of the day came during Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures joint 2 1/2 hour panel. After Guillermo Del Toro revealed the first footage of his Massive Aliens Vs Robot’s epic Pacific Rim, Legendary revealed a mystery trailer, which began with Japanese looking writing, then over a mangled city with J.Robert Oppenheimer under it and you hear the lines “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”. After, camera’s show a destroyed city the screen goes black and a very loud scream was heard. It was not a human scream, it was one of the most famous yells of all time, it was that of Godzilla.

The film which does not even really have a cast yet had signed a director and a writer and Legendary thought why not take an announcement trailer to comic con. If you have never heard of Gareth Edwards then do not fret, his claim to fame is the cult classic Monster(which is pretty darn good as an indie flick). Edwards came out to the stage afterwards and spoke about how excited he was to bring Godzilla to life. Edwards did reveal that “There is nothing sci-fi about this movie. It is very grounded and realistic”. So the question is what will a cast look like and when will we see it? Edwards gave no hints on cast but the movie is for right now set for 2014.

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