Did Amanda Bynes Just Have ANOTHER Hit And Run?!

It seems like Amanda Bynes is having major trouble keeping her car in line...

It seems like Amanda Bynes is having major trouble keeping her car in line…

TMZ is reporting that yet another Los Angeles resident filed a police report yesterday afternoon, claiming that the driving-impaired Bynes rear-ended her and then, after a brief conversation, drove off.

The site says that the woman, known as Kisa, was driving her Toyota Corolla on Ventura Blvd. when she was struck by a black BMW. Kisa said she didn’t recognize the driver at first because she “looked like a hot mess”, but soon realized it was Bynes.

Kisa revealed that Bynes “seemed nervous” about exchanging insurance information, and even went as far as saying that the damage didn’t look that bad.  She proceeded to try to push the Corolla’s bumper back into place…the attempt didn’t work.

But wait…it gets better…

After much pushing by Kisa to get Bynes’ insurance info, and Bynes arguing that the two didn’t need to exchange any since neither car was damaged badly (Kisa insists that Amanda’s car had “significant” damage), Bynes just got in her car and drove off.

That’s right.  A hit and run.  Again.

I guess old habits die hard, no?

Bynes was arrested on suspicion of DUI on April 6 and was also accused of hit-and-run incidents on May 5 and May 27.

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