VIDEO: Watch a Nine-Year-Old Rapper Tell The Country To “Pull Ya Pants Up!”

Kids are smart. Kids are sometimes so smart and logical, they put adults to shame. This is one of those moments.

Kids are smart.  Kids are sometimes so smart and logical, they put adults to shame.  This is one of those moments.

A new YouTube video featuring nine-year-old Amor “Lilman” Arteaga is going viral this week for its very simple and straightforward message: Pull Your Pants Up!

The aspiring mini-rapper fromBrooklyntakes to his rhymes to express his disgust with the low-bottom look, smoothly rapping lyrics like:

 “Oh, you’re Mr. Cool; Yeah, you’re Mr. Fly. You rock your fly jeans, you rock your fly shirt, showing off your drawers like you’re wearing a mini-skirt…The London Bridge is fallin’ but not before your pants…You just draggin’ us all down.”

Lilman, who wrote the song with his father, tells NBC News that he hopes to show the world that hip-hop can have a positive message:

“I first started rapping when I was 5 ½…I always wanted to be a star, and through rapping, I was able to perform for people and give a positive image.”

So what was it about the pants that made Lilman take to music to vent?  He says it’s the disrespect for everyone that comes with the style:

“It’s not just [people] disrespecting themselves, it’s disrespecting others around them…Who wants to see you with your drawers hung low, and your boxers showing?”

Amor’s father, Juan, says that while his son doesn’t have a record deal yet, he’s already well-known in the New York DJ community, and will release a new song, “Stop the Violence,” within the month, hopefully followed by over a dozen more on the way.

Check out the full video below, and remember the next time you’re walking down the street….Pull Ya Pants Up!!!!

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  • You are so right Lilman. I haven’t seen so much young behind since the Carter administration.Some even look like a babies fully loaded diaper.

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