Mark-Wahlberg-Ted-movie-imageHey all you TED fans!  Want more of Marky Mark and your favorite grotesque Teddy?  Well fear not, because they’re both coming your way!

Mark Wahlberg has officially confirmed that he and director Seth MacFarlane will be returning for TED 2.  Speaking on Cooper Anderson’s show, the actor said,

“There is a ‘Ted 2.’ We’ve already locked a deal and they’re off writing now…I’ve never done a sequel before but I just have so much confidence in Seth. He’s such a talented, funny guy.”

Never done a sequel, huh?  Interesting, seeing as how Wahlberg basically has a full TRANSFORMERS trilogy lined up and with Michael Bay…

And just in case you fans can’t wait another two or three years for some more Teddy Bear vulgarity, Wahlberg let it slip that he and the stuffed, fluffy version of MacFarlane will appear once more before the sequel hits theaters…at the Oscars!

“Actually, because Seth is hosting, Ted and I will be appearing at the Oscars,”

Something tells me this is going to be good…