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10 Things I Learned From This Season of “The Bachelor”

POP Contributor Mike Kelton hosts a live webchat about The Bachelor for EXTRA – (including one about the big finale next week!) Which means he knows a LOT about the Bachelor. Here, he reflects on the important life lessons he has learned from watching love blossom on TV.



Mike Kelton Extra WebchatPOP Contributor Mike Kelton hosts a live webchat about The Bachelor for XTRA – (including one about the big finale next week!) Which means he knows a LOT about the Bachelor. Here, he reflects on the important life lessons he has learned from watching love blossom on TV. Take it away Mike!

As co-host of Extra’s “Bachelor Party” – a live webchat recapping the good, the bad and the cra cra that goes on during “The Bachelor,” I have seen some things. Things you don’t soon forget. If you’re watching the Bachelor yourself, you know what I mean – but even if you’re not, you can benefit from the 10 life lessons I’ve learned from watching this crazy ride of a show.

Sean Bachelor Angel1) You can be a Virgin more than once.

The fact that humans can be born again Christian is one thing. But to be a ‘born again Virgin’ is quite another. I find it hard to believe that Sean Lowe will be ‘abstaining’ from sexual activity with all those beautiful women. On another note, why would he work out so much if he’s not having sex?

2) If your name is Tierra, you CRA CRA!

Tierra EyebrowThank God for this loony tune! Without Tierra, the season would have been a bunch of sweet girls vying for the love of a ‘Virgin’ which nobody wants to see. I assume the Producers kept her on as long as they could for ratings sake. (Perhaps also because her crazy eyebrow has its own TWITTER ACCOUNT.) I can’t wait to see what reality show she ends up on next. Whether Celebrity Apprentice, Bachelor Pad or even Antiques Roadshow, we have NOT seen the last of this CRA CRA!

the-bachelor-gymnastics3) Doing Gymnastics in a full length gown is not a smart idea.

We love those first impressions, RIGHT!? Well, do we all remember seeing Robyn almost break her collar bone by doing a back handspring or whatever that was in a full length Nicole Miller, yeah…THAT! Please tell me you laughed, because everyone on my couch did…so just me. Well, it was a learning experience for us all in proper work out attire and proper first impression don’ts!

What could possibly go wrong?

desiree boyfriend4) Don’t hire a bad actor to play your ex-boyfriend.

Remember Des’s downfall 2 episodes ago. If her drug addict brother wasn’t bad enough, she thought it would be smart to ‘hire’ and an actor to play her ex-boyfriend to…make Sean jealous? We are all still unsure of what was going on there. Either way, we feel sorry for Desiree and that guy playing her ex who has to keep pretending he’s an actor.


5) 50 Shades of Grey is more than a book, it’s a state of mind.

Remember Ashley P.? How could you not!? She was booted off the first episode, but pulled some sort of material out of her cleavage during her first impression. She then got super drunk and decided to show off her ghetto fabulous dance moves at the most inopportune times. She will remain my favorite. Let’s all give a round of applause to the girl that didn’t even read the book but brought the feeling, ASHLEY P!!

Sorry for the poor video quality – but it’s still worth watching!

Bachelor6) Abs are fun to look at.

Sean. Enough said.

Ashlee F7) Your last chance video to Sean should not be a cry for help.

AshLee is a beautiful girl with great boobs. That being said, she cannot be whole without Sean, which she so preciously announced in her video that she barely got through on last week’s episode. Shortly after fighting through the tears to confess her undying love for a man she has only knows for a short time, she was sent home. Let’s hope she can survive off of the somewhat large twitter following she gets from that scary video.

8) A professional organizer is a thing.

While we are on the topic, Ashlee is a professional organizer. If this is a real thing, cool. If not, shame on you and show me your California closets. Also, does this just mean she works at The Container Store…because that’s what I assume. Lastly, if she could learn how to organize her emotions, she may have won.

Robyn9) Being a minority is still the minority on The Bachelor.

We see that shows Producers tried hard to give Sean some ‘options’ this season. My favorite from the start was Robyn, mostly because she had those awesome Kelly Ripa arms but also because I thought she was one of the most confident girls in the house which is probably a good indicator that she should not have been on reality TV in the first place. Nonetheless, she was black. Her, along with another African American girl and a girl with a physical disability rounded out this season to make it the most diverse yet. Well, that and the fact that Tierra is most likely bi-polar.

bachelor-210) Not being featured in the beginning of the season is a good indicator that you will win.

I will leave that one at that.



Hold Onto Your Bucket, You Can Visit Colonel Sanders on KFC Island In ‘Animal Crossing’



Kentucky. Fried. Crossing.

If I told you to live in a tent for a few days, pull a bunch of weeds from the lawn and chop down a few trees for lumber that you will then have to turn into tools with your own two hands all while trying to pay off a ridiculous debt that you unwittingly acquired you might think I’m into corporal punishment. Yet, it’s all those things that make Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch so damn addictive.

The life simulation video game has grown unbelievably popular over these last few months and it’s probably because the game provides a great creative outlet that can keep players entertained for hours while remaining home during quarantine. Even some celebrities have jumped on the virtual bandwagon with Elijah Wood, T-Pain, Chrissy Tiegen and more all sharing their obsession on social media. Well scoot over movie stars, big time singers and supermodels because the biggest household name just changed the game (not literally as I’m sure the game has some sort of coding that prevents actual changes to be made but metaphorically the pun works). That’s right, Colonel Sanders has an avatar and an island and is ready to serve up some chicken.

Credit: KFC Philippines Twitter

Earlier this week, the KFC Philippines Twitter account revealed the news that “KFC Island” would be opening for lucky visitors. To get to the island you have to message their Facebook account with the #KFCVirtualStore for a chance at getting a Dodo Code. Because I am one of the many who have fallen in love with this game I know that a Dodo Code is a unique code which can be shared with select visitors to grant them access to your island. I feel like such a gamer. On the Kentucky fried island there is a restaurant that is replicated to look like the real thing! There’s booths, a kitchen and even promotional posters. Oh and as if this wasn’t exciting enough, if you find the Colonel hiding somewhere on the island you could win an 8-piece chicken bucket from KFC…in real life! (The promotion is only valid for players in the Philippines.)

Credit: KFC Philippines Twitter

Visits to the island are only available until June 20th, so be sure to hop on this finger lickin’ experience while you can!

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Stan Lee Said The Only Way To Combat A Racist Is To ‘Expose Them’ In A Periodical From Over Fifty Years Ago



A man truly ahead of his time.

The concept of finding strength within a community has never been more pressing than it is right now. Our country is divided in so many ways but amongst the fractures you can see groups joining together in an effort to show that unity is always stronger than division. If anyone can attest to that belief it was the ingenius comic book writer, editor, publisher, and producer Stan Lee.

The man responsible for the Marvel universe we know and love today was behind a number of comic books which featured outcasts who looked beyond their differences in order to unify and protect the greater good. A concept our world might need reminding of. In the back of the comics Lee wrote for was a section entitled “Stan’s Soapbox,” where the wordsmith would write short articles expressing some things that were on his mind. One soapbox article from 1968 has resurfaced and gone viral because of how eerily fitting it is for today.

In the article Lee calls bigotry and racism “the deadliest social ills plaguing the world today.” But unlike a super villain from one of his comics, racism and bigotry cannot be defeated by a “punch in the snoot, or a zap from a ray gun,” he says, rather “the only way to destroy them is to expose them – reveal them for the insidious evils they really are.” The comic book creator suggests the only way for our world to continue peacefully is to “judge each other on our merits” and to “fill our hearts with tolerance.”

Along with the soapbox article, a clip from an interview with Larry King has gone viral with Lee once again wishing to see more tolerance in the world. When asked what the one thing he would change about the world Lee responded “I’d make people not hate each other because of their religion, because of their nationality, because of any stupid reason. If we can abolish hatred, we live on this gorgeous planet.”

Why couldn’t he be the celebrity that ran for president!? Hopefully the villains Lee warned us about over fifty years ago will soon seem like a thing in the past and that beautiful, tolerant world he dreamed of will become a reality.

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Lizzo’s Performance Of ‘Pomp And Circumstance’ Will Make Any Graduate Feel Good As Hell



She really is a hoot with a flute.

Ah graduation, that special moment that every student dreams about where they get dressed up in an unbreathable gown and an unflattering cap and sit outside for hours somewhere on a great lawn in the middle of a heat wave just to receive that special piece of paper that says they have completed a super long chapter in their lives. While the ceremonies are not always the most exciting time ever, to be denied the chance to walk across a stage and turn the tassel on your cap due to the pandemic guidelines does seem like a real bummer. To help remedy the graduation blues of 2020, YouTube Originals live-streamed an event called Dear Class Of 2020 which featured some huge stars offering their support. One of those stars happened to be Lizzo who put her own spin on the classic graduation march “Pomp and Circumstance.”

In her performance, Lizzo played the iconic two-minute section of the song that is most widely associated with graduations. After about 40-seconds, the “Juice” singer shares her congratulations to the graduating class and then lets them know it’s time to “turn it up.” With that, Lizzo is virtually accompanied by the New York Phil Harmonic as they jam out (is it still called jamming out when it’s classical music?) to create a truly memorable performance. The performance is visually stunning showcasing some cool digital effects but what truly stands out in the video are the images of black graduates wearing their caps and gowns as they participate in Black Lives Matter protests that are happening throughout the nation. The entire video suddenly becomes much more hopeful as it becomes clear that the future of our nation rests in the hands of these courageous, intelligent and strong young people.

The video ends with a photo of Deveonte Joseph taken by photographer Nathan Aguirre, which went viral when first posted. In the photo, Joseph is wearing his graduation cap and gown on a street in St. Paul, Minnesota, with the lights of a police set up glowing behind him.

Check out the entire inspirational video below!

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