Peak Into The Mind Of Harrison Ford With His Original Notes On RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK Script!

behind the scenes

Whenever someone watches a classic performance in a classic movie, it’s hard not to wonder what was going through the actors’ heads while they were making it. Were they analyzing the script?  Were they making little notes?  Did they just wing it every day or dissect every feeling and hit every word?

Well now, we have the chance to dive into the mind of Harrison Ford circa 1981.  Somehow, Badass Digest uncovered a few pages from Ford’s original RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK script, complete with notations and line changes that Indy made himself!

Take a look below at some amazing and funny observations that Ford made, including describing certain lines as “lame” and “too solo-ish”, and make sure you head over to the original link for all the rest.


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