POP INTERVIEW: Brandon Victor Dixon Heats Up Broadway in Motown: The Musical

Brandon Victor Dixon is heating up the Broadway stage. With a smooth voice, steamy good looks, sexy dance moves and style to spare, what's not to love?

One man is heating up the Broadway stage right now, and his name is Brandon Victor Dixon. With a smooth voice, steamy good looks, sexy dance moves and style to spare, what’s not to love? Answer: Not much. We sat down with the Tony Award, Drama Desk, and Our Critics Circle Award Nominee to chat about his most recent musical endeavor, the Tony nominated Motown: The Musical.

PGTW: How did you get started in theater? What ignited your passion your passion for the theater?

brandonBVD: I was fortunate enough to go to an elementary school that really fostered a love for the arts and recognized the importance of it when it comes to education and development. We did three musicals a year and had a music class everyday. I also took piano at school so it all really spurred a drive within me to continue to pursue this craft I was showing an aptitude for.

PGTW:  Why were you attracted to this project?

BVD: Well, Motown and its importance to the development of music, the music business, but more importantly its impact on the social fabric of the global community as a whole are all elements that I think would draw anybody to a project of almost any nature. But to be able to get in on the ground floor and develop something with a legend like Berry Gordy and with a friend and mentor like our director Charles Randolph Wright, those are the kinds of opportunities you seize.

PGTW: How did you come to be involved with Motown the Musical? Can you describe the audition process?

BVD: I didn’t audition. When Charles got the job he called me and said, “You’ll never believe who’s house I’m leaving. I land in NYC tomorrow. Meet me at Chipotle at 7pm.” We met, he told me about the project, asked me if I’d like to be involved, and then we got started.

PGTW: Can you describe what it feels like to embody Motown legend Berry Gordy every night on stage?

BVD: It’s a great joy to live in the music and the time for 2.5 hrs every night. I really enjoyed the process of building this show both with our creatives and my fellow actors and the way the audience reacts every night makes it a truly special experience every time.

PGTW: What is your favorite number in the show? Why?

BVD: My favorite number in the show is “Can I Close the Door’ because it is a song that was born out of a conversation Berry and I had 2 yrs ago about the show and what he wrote just really perfectly captures the heart of our show and the world we’re representing. It’s a truly special number.

Follow Brandon on Twitter @brandonvdixon, and check out the clip from Motown below.


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