super-mario-bros-movieSUPER MARIO BROS is not a good movie.  That’s not even an opinion, but a fact, and yet, somehow, the film still holds a special place in all of our adolescent hearts.

And now, after twenty years of the film being trashed by not only critics and fans, but also by its stars (Bob Hoskins definitely never held back on how much of a mistake he thought it really was…), John Leguizamo filmed a nice little message for a movie fansite celebrating the anniversary.

While it’s obvious that Leguizamo (who played Luigi Mario in the movie) still thinks back on the film as a very, very bad choice in his career, you can’t help but hand it to the guy for making this video expressing his thanks to the fans who love it nonetheless.

Check out his heartfelt words below, and enjoy just a few of the ridiculous stories that came from that disaster of a set two decades ago.

As for me, I’m going to dig out my old NES and try to save the Princess (who just keeps moving to another damn castle…)