There Is A LEGO Version Of The Classic NES Console Coming Out In August

Looks like Super Mario is going from 8-bit to 2,646-bits.

There has never been anything quite as satisfying as tossing in the original Super Mario Bros. cartridge into your classic Nintendo Entertainment System…unless the cartridge didn’t read correctly in which case you would have to take it out and blow into it or slap it a few times with your hand but once you got that bad boy back in and up and running it was pure and utter fulfillment. Well now you can recreate that joy and slight frustration with the new LEGO version of the classic NES!

Earlier today LEGO announced a partnership with Nintendo to create a 2,646 piece set that can be built into a replica Nintendo Entertainment System, an NES controller, a game cartridge that can fit into the console and a mini retro TV. The screen in the LEGO TV actually scrolls to look like the first level of the original game! The set isn’t due out until August 1st and will cost you$229.99, but who can put a price on nostalgia?!

Along with enough pieces to make everything shown above you also get an interactive Mario figurine that you can place “on top of the TV to watch him react to the on-screen enemies, obstacles and power-ups – all while the original game’s theme tune is playing!” What else could you want?!

For more information on LEGO’s Nintendo Entertainment System set click here.

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