POP SNAPSHOT: On A Dare From Joan Rivers, Giuliana Rancic Does The News Nude.

Giuliana Rancic NudeDon’t challenge Giuliana Rancic to a game of Truth or Dare. She. Will. Win.


The 38-year-old host of E! News went in the buff for the final segment of the June 13 episode. Why? Because her Fashion Police co-host Joan Rivers dared her to.

You see, Rivers, who has been celebrating her 80th birthday, was given the gift of taking the network over for a week – as part of her role, she dared Rancic to do the news nude.

When Joan asks, you listen!

Rancic shared a sneak peek via her official Instagram account. Who knows what was under those ‘censored’ bars.

Guiliana Rancic posted a screen grab of her hosting “E! News” nude after a dare from Joan Rivers.



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