With Bobbi Kristina’s Death, A Potential Battle Over Her Estate Looms

During the past few months as Bobbi Kristina’s death loomed, her passing was the inevitable next chapter in a tragic story. Sadly, now that inevitable next chapter is the battle over her estimated 20 million dollar estate.

So who gets what, as her mother Whitney’s will stipulated? After all, most of the money was Whitney’s and was yet to be paid out to Bobbi Kristina.

Bobbi Kristina was named Whitney’s sole heir, and was set to receive her inheritance in installments. 10% would be paid on her 21st birthday (she died at 22) and an additional 25% when she turned 25. The remainder would be due on her 30th birthday.

Since Bobbi Kristina died before she turned 30, the disbursed funds (approximately $2 million) would go back to the estate and her father Bobby Brown. The other 90% of the money is expected to go to Whitney’s mother Cissy, and Whitney’s brothers Gary Garland and Michael Houston.

But it gets complicated from here. Then there is the reported, but not proven marriage between Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina. They allegedly got married in January 2014. If this is found to be true, he may stand a chance to inherit some of the estate. Bobby Brown has not allowed Nick to visit Bobbi Kristina – but if they were actually married Nick could easily have gained access to his wife.

This information all operates under the presumption that Bobbi Kristina didn’t have a will in place, as is often the case with adults in their twenties.

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