Michael Jayson Bares His Soul, Runs The Spectrum On New Album

Michael Jayson

It comes as no surprise that our friend Michael Jayson would have a wide spectrum of topics to cover on his new album – after all, the man has many talents. Actor, songwriter, singer, and yes, once a contributor for POPgoesTheWeek! (Mind you, he never sings about this site in any of his songs, but we’ll forgive him.)

So we asked the multi-talented guy to open up about what IS on his new CD, available on iTunes.

Here, in his own words, he talks about how he approached each track…

Take it away, Mike!


Michael Jayson - Running the Spectrum Cover FULL1600Running the Spectrum:
  When I was trying to decide what songs to record, there was no theme! I was just trying to find a few songs I’d be proud to put out into the world! When I finally DID finalize the listing, no two songs were the same. One was about life, another death. One was about a crush, another a bad ex. One was about moving on, another about hope. So to me, “Running the Spectrum” became the perfect title: From one completely opposite view to the other, you get a taste of everything and in a way, you get every piece of me!

1) Through Your Eyes: The first single off this EP, and actually the last song added! I played TYE for my producer on a whim. I wrote it about a family member who was going through a rough patch, and I figured we could toss around ideas and make a version for him. By the end of our first session, we knew we had something exciting and hopefully inspiring, and I knew I had something to convey how much I believed in this person, even if they didn’t see it in themselves.

2) Same as Me:
Have you ever had such a crush on someone that you couldn’t function around them?? Like literally, your brain shuts down the second they say hi and your mouth can only form sentences fit for a two-year-old?? That is this song. There was a girl who just…did something to me.  She short-circuited my mind and my wits and my game. It’s a wonderful feeling to have–as long as you remember to actually breathe once in a while! 😉

Michael Jayson - A Letter3) A Letter: Relationships usually don’t end on amicable notes. They’re sadly just not built that way.  But at one point, I heard about an ex doing great things with her life, and I just felt this overwhelming sense of happiness for her. She was reaching all those goals we used to talk about a lifetime ago, and I felt elated!

When we made the music video, I wanted to make sure that even though the couple was done, there was still a mutual respect left. No animosity/bitterness…just a sentimental look into the past. Because that’s how it felt to me. And sometimes, it’s okay to be just that.

4) What’s His Name: Dating is f**king hard!  But let’s face it…girls have to deal with a lot more crap than guys. (Sorry, gentlemen, it’s true.)  This song was written for a friend who was having some boy issues, but in the end, it kinda became a message to all females: if a guy really likes you, he’ll make sure you know, direct and to the point.  Everyone else playing the game just ain’t worth your time!

5) Better Days:
The closest thing you’ll hear to Fallout Boy on the EP! “Better Days” was my way of saying screw all the naysayers and cynics. If you have a dream, go for it! You want to be the greatest actor of all time? Do it! You want to be the best lion tamer that ever lived? Hell yeah! We all want to climb that mountain to greatness. Have the courage to say ‘this is me, and this is what I want’, and work your ass off to get it! We’ll be right there next to you cheering you on. (Except for the lion tamer…we might cheer from the bleachers for that one…

6) Second Thoughts: My 85-year-old great aunt was known for her energy. She’d be up at 5am every day, walk everywhere, and never stay on the phone longer than five minutes because she was always “heading out”.  About a week before she passed, her goddaughter called her to say hi, expecting one of those short conversations. They talked for more than an hour. Her goddaughter said it was the best conversation they’d ever had.
“Second Thoughts” is inspired by that sublime simplicity. We’re used to constantly moving and running in life, but sometimes, whether you’re eight or 85, it’s the moments of peace and reflection that have the most beauty.


“Running the Spectrum” is out now and available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify!
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